Cinderella Gas Expected in 2018

March 29, 2017

Cinderella EcoSolutions announced yesterday that it expects to submit Cinderella Gas for testing and regulatory approvals during the summer of 2017 and to begin accepting orders for the propane-powered model in 2018.

Following news that its electrical incinerating toilet models, Cinderella Comfort and Cinderella Classic, had obtained regulatory approval and were now available for sale on its website, the company addressed strong customer interest in the availability of its propane-powered model.

"We are aware that many customers are anxious to purchase Cinderella Gas for their tiny homes, cabins and other off-grid applications", said Cinderella EcoSolutions North American president Ken Daniells. "I'd like to thank these customers for their patience and reassure them that we are working very hard to bring them this outstanding product as quickly as possible."

"Cinderella has been the best incineration toilet in the world for decades because of a commitment to incorporate the best technology available into each model. As part of this ongoing process, Cinderella Gas is now completing a planned enhancement to upgrade its burner mechanism. As soon as that work is completed over the summer, we expect to begin the safety testing and certification process, and to start accepting orders next year."

In the meantime, customers are thanked for their patience and urged to consider the Cinderella Comfort or Cinderella Classic for their applications.

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